Irresistibly Sexy....Invitingly Urban...!!!

Epitomizing glamour and style, Urban Tadka combines aesthetic experimentation and sophisticated wit.

At Urban Tadka we approach guest experience with a burning passion - the idea to create something for everyone and inspire with each sip or whiff...

Laid out in a resort style setting is a plethora of inspiring environment, drinks, food & good times.

With a decadent collection ranging from; designer cocktails, hand-picked wines, tap beers, roaring spirits, to the humble espresso, the Tadka team will whip you up a tipple or two.


Corkage: (Wine Only) $6.00 per person

No BYO: Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Public Holiday's | Special Day's

Super Sunday: 25% discount on all the wines only...Lunch & Dinner..
(Excluding Public Holidays & Special Days)

Product Details: Images, bottles, labels, vintages etc. may change from one suppliers without notice.

Availability: Some items may not be available depending on market availability.

Surcharge: 10% on Public Holiday's